Wordless Book

Meet the King

Every Day with God

Flipper Flapper

Little Kids Can Know God

The Wordless Book

Colors tell the Gospel story! One of the most popular tools for witnessing, the Wordless Book presents the salvation message using five colored pages to represent Heaven and God's love, the darkness of sin, the blood of Christ, a clean heart and Christian growth.

Meet the King

Colorful new evangelism tool written for children. This is the true story from God's Word, the Bible, about a King who existed long before He was born!

Every Day with God

30 Devotionals from creation and the person of God, through Moses and the giving of the Law. Scripture portions written out in the New international Reader's Version (NIrV)
Full-color on every page.
Designed for 6-8 year olds.
Vol. 2 and 3 are also available.

Gospel Flipper Flapper (GF2)

You'll flip over this great Gospel tool! Children will be fascinated as you share the Gospel using this innovative tool! Flip the flaps to reveal symbols and colors representing Heaven and God's love, the darkness of sin, the blood of Christ and a clean heart. The green of the Gospel Flipper-Flapper represents Christian growth. Keep one in your pocket or purse to share the Gospel at a moment's notice!

Little Kids Can Know God

Each series includes six Bible lessons that can be expanded into 30 sessions! Preschoolers and young children will love the colorful flashcards, fun games, easy crafts, lively songs, memory verses and more! Free fun activity sheets are available online for each series.


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